Safety and stability in stance


    Safety and stability in stance. Selectable stance modes:

      free /semi locked/ yield resistance


    Outstanding stumble recovery


    Variable and adaptive gait


    Capable of leg over leg walking down stairs


      Designed for active use (splash water resistant)


      Self powered control (no batteries required)

The VGK provides remarkable stability in stance, (typically provided by power hungry microprocessor knees). Orthomobility has made obsolete the need for battery power by developing a patented technology called fluidics, where the appropriate input of reactive forces naturally occurring in gait are combined with information about actual speed of movement to create the appropriate adaptive response.

The VGK mitigates tripping, uneven terrain and sudden stopping by giving substantial resistance to unwanted bending if the knee is suddenly or prematurely loaded in a bent position. The VGK’s fluidic logic works with

the present knee angle and the ground reaction force input to determine

the required response. Using a similar capability, the VGK has a free mode

for cycling, backed up by a safety switch which upon fast loading, re-engages the normal high resistance for weight bearing.  It also features an ultra

high stance resistance mode to ease prolonged standing or any other situations where the limb should be effectively rigid.


Orthomobility’s patented Adaptive Fluidics uses the knee’s fluid flow to

adjust the valve settings of various walking speeds. The VGK’s valve

settings naturally tighten or release as the rate of motion requires -

resulting in a natural adaptive gait, and all without the need for battery powered actuators.

The VGK is an adaptive fluidic knee joint, bridging the gap between microprocessor controlled and basic hydraulic knees. An exciting patented Third Technology.

VGK - Very Good Knee

Outstanding stumble control


Variable and adaptive gait

The VGK performs extremely well even on irregular or uneven steps

where it’s very difficult to get into a rhythm. The VGK’s adaptive fluidics

naturally compensates for heat build up and allows the steps to be taken

with full reliance by holding up its power as leg over leg steps are taken, or

in challenging downslope terrain, even carrying additional weight.

Leg over leg and downslope capability

Designed for active use

The VGK has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind. The VGK can take a certain amount of exposure to water with no adverse effects.  The VGK is designed to kneel with a maximum knee angle of up to 175˚.  The VGK also works well with all major prosthetic feet.


Self powered control (no charging required)

The VGK is always on, even when it gets wet, providing freedom to travel without recharging restraints. Since the VGK uses our patented fluidic logic, the naturally adaptive system powers it’s calculations and adjustments through the act of walking.



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