The original pre-fabricated California Soft Spinal Orthosis can now be ordered with a variety of components to offer a comprehensive range of control. Configurations include a low-cut anterior panel, posterior spinal relief (PSR) panel and a one-pull closure system. This spinal system offers effective treatment solutions for a variety of clinical indications.



    Strapping arrangement provides easy-to-adjust compression,

      even for geriatric patients


    Pre-formed ABS (plastic) neutral or pendulous anterior insert panel, neutral (150) or 00 posterior insert panels


    All components pre-drilled for retrofitting and interchangeability


    Hypoallergenic, breathable foam wicks away moisture from patient’s skin for increased comfort


    Available pre-fabricated and custom-to-measurements


    Low-cut anterior panel also available


    Also available with the Orthomerica-patented compound closure system






Original California   Soft Spinal

Posterior Spinal Relief


   Provides post-operative support and clearance for spinal incisions


   Facilitates dressing changes and wound inspection


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