New laproscopic surgical techniques and innovative rehabilitation programs are changing the orthopedic management of spine disorders. Since these procedures have become less invasive and create less soft tissue disruption, there is a need for new orthotic management to complement the spinal treatment program.  The California Mid-Profile Orthosis provides stability and control only where it is indicated in order to reduce spinal muscle atrophy and deconditioning.



    Patented compound closure system provides patient regulated

      compression to supplement abdominal musculature


    CoolFoam™ liner provides a comfortable patient interface


    Thermoplastic posterior component extends to T9 and provides

      total contact over the paraspinal muscles


    Anterior panel includes a pocket with an internal thermoplastic

      shell to provide abdominal support and control motion


    Thermoplastic components can be removed during the rehabilitation phase so the patient can strengthen abdominal and back muscles within a safe range of motion

Mid-Profile   Orthosis


    Post-operative laproscopic disk replacement


    Post-operative IDET procedures

      (Intradiscal Electrothermal Annuloplasty)


    Post-operative lumbar laminectomy


    Post-operative spinal fusion


    Chronic low back pain


    Mechanical back pain with activities of daily living


    When spinal control of extension and flexion is desired/required



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